A lovely, slightly crazy, advanced extensors lesson. You go from the usual thing of lying with the knee bent up and lifting the head and arm and leg–to turning the lower leg that is bent up, like a crank, straight up from the floor and back down to the floor, until the foot is under the arm and the pelvis has turned about 180 degrees.

Lesson Outline

  • Face up, roll head. (Reference)
  • Face down, L knee bent up to the side; face turned L (R cheek on back of L hand, which is on back of R hand): lift head and L arm. Turn head, and lift head and L arm.
  • Same position, but head turned R and L cheek on back of R hand: lift head and R arm. Much harder. Then turn face back, switch arms, and lift head and L arm. (Working in imagination too: can go as high as you like in imagination.)
  • Do all that on the other side.
  • Face up, knees bent feet standing. Turn face to L and place the R hand under the ear: lift head with R hand while keeping face L. Other side. (Rolling head from side to side as reference in between.)
  • Face down, L knee bent up. Lift left foot, leaving knee (pivoting on it) on the floor. Turn face the other way (R) and continue with this…until you lift the R hip and the whole back turns so the lower leg can continue pivoting around the knee and come to the floor on the other side. Turn head L and continue: more difficult. Turn head R. Rest and then the other side.
  • Face down, L knee bent up. Lift knee (leaving foot on floor): turn pelvis back to help. Do the same with your head turned R. Rest and other side.
  • Go back to the early movements (lifting head and arm) and see if they are easier.


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