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  • Lying on your side with the bottom leg long and the top leg bent in front, both arms extended in front with the palms together: lift the top arm towards the ceiling and behind you in an arc, until the knee starts to lift, and play with the see-saw balance this creates.

Lesson Outline

  • On R side, R leg long, L leg bent 90 degrees in front on floor, both arms long in front with the palms together. Lengthen the L arm to slide the L palm on the R (and on the floor).
    • Stay at the limit and asks what limits you. Can you let go of that and go farther easily?
  • Rest face up.
  • Same side, L elbow bent and the palm planted in front of the chest. Slide the L knee forwards.
    • What stops you from putting the pubic bone on the floor?
  • Rest.
  • Other side: same sequence.
  • First (R) side: lift your L hand towards the ceiling. Follow the hand with your nose, turning your head.
  • Rest.
  • Other side.
  • First (R) side: lift L hand to ceiling, and stay there: lengthen and shorten the arm, noting the shoulder blade. Do it more quickly.
  • Lift L hand to ceiling and back as far is it goes easily. Place your R hand on your L knee. Create a see-saw movement, so your knee comes away from the floor in front and arms goes back towards the floor behind and vice versa. Where do you create this movement?
  • Other side.

Focus of Mia’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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Sliding palm on the other one, sidelying:


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