Lesson Outline

  1. Lie on R side, turned so face to ceiling; L hand on forehead and roll head; do this leaning the L foot on the R ankle, L knee lifted.
  2. Other side.
  3. R side, and continue, but now take elbow and knee in opposite directions.
  4. Other side.
  5. R side, come to the position where the elbow and knee are in the same line, and take the body (head/shoulders/elbow?) to the R (forward) and knee to the L (backward), and return to middle.
    • Switch–knee R and body L.
  6. Other side.
  7. On L side, extent R arm back and R leg forward. Lift them to parallel and continue with knee to the R and arm to the L in one movement and back to the middle. With quality, increase size, and the continue to do the movement on both sides (through the middle and vice versa).
  8. Other side.
  9. On L side, lift R leg and arm to ceiling and lower to parallel to the floor: then take arm and leg down (towards your feet, not the floor; stay parallel) and return.
    • Other side.
  10. Lie on each side and place hand on forehead and turn the head.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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