AY004 Sitting Indian fashion

Source Alexander Yanai Vol1 Lesson #4 Reel 1, Track 2, Lesson 3 Duration 38 min. Synopsis Organize your hips. Sitting in a half lotus, use your whole body to move your knees to the floor and then your knees and head to the floor. Lesson Outline Sit with legs lng. Place right foot on left […]

AY098 Zen sitting

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 2 (#98, page 643) Reel 8, Track 1, Lesson 2 (according to Eva Laser https://www.somatik.se) Reel 1, Track 1, Lesson 2 (IFF) Synopsis While sitting with your spine like a stick, move your spine in a conic shape; make clocks with nose and top of head Lesson Outline The key movements […]