AY145 From sitting to standing while turning

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 3 Reel 10, Track 4, Lesson 3 Synopsis Summary: from sitting with soles together and arms hugging in front, turn the body, shift the weight in the buttocks, stand the knee, both knees, one foot, both feet. And return. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Sit with soles close. […]

AY205 Sitting and getting up with soft and bending legs

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 5 Reel 14, Track 3, Lesson 1 Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Related ATMs Tag Coming-to-stand Tag Standing-to-sitting Tag Sitting-to-standing   Resources Share Your Insights (ideas, principles, strategies, experiences, …) Add your thoughts about the lesson here. Please sign your comments Differing […]

AY409 Lean on the knee and get up

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 9 Reel 26, Track 4, Lesson 2 Duration of the recording: 42 minutes Synopsis From side sitting, to taking the knees from side to side, to turning the pelvis to lift over the front knee, to half-kneeling, to standing. Lesson Outline Side-sit, with R leg in front and L behind. Lean […]

AY159 Standing on One Leg

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 4. Lesson 159 Reel 11, Track 4, Lesson 2 Synopsis From sitting (on the floor), one leg long, the other bent (heel close to sitbones), coming to standing, and reversing. Athletic Notice: This requires fairly highly organized pelvis/back/legs and some basic strength. I’m thinking that popular dancers such as Fred Astaire […]