• From side sitting, to taking the knees from side to side, to turning the pelvis to lift over the front knee, to half-kneeling, to standing.

Lesson Outline

  • Side-sit, with R leg in front and L behind. Lean on R hand. Lift knees and gradually take over to other side, changing hands as necessary.
    • Then with the R hand staying on the floor.
    • Then with L hand resting and staying on the floor.
  • Other side.
  • First side, leaning on R hand: lift L hand in front of face, and, watching hand, turn hand to the right and follow with the body so that your pelvis begins to lift over your R knee.
  • Other side.
  • First side, leaning on R hand to R of R knee and left hand to the L of the L knee. Take pelvis in arc to come up on to knees.
  • Other side.
  • First side, continue the direction of the movement to bring the L foot to stand where the L hand was; the L hand comes on to the L knee. And plant R toes under as you do this.
  • Go from side to side.
  • Can continue to standing.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Arc of the pelvis.

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  • The first time I taught this it was quite dramatic to see how a student with knee problems stopped turning the pelvis and started unfolding the leg and hip in a plane instead of a spiral at a certain moment in coming to standing, and then how much relief was experienced in the knee by correcting this and continuing the pelvis in an arc/spiral. – LynetteReid Dec 1, 2013
  • This lesson would beautifully complement a series which began with a Dead Bird lesson. I would focus on finding the spiral of support, beginning with the leg behind. Shifting focus from that back heel–is it moving toward the floor or away–to the knee and its relation to the floor. Also bringing attention to weight in the hands. My own challenge: how to keep weight distributed equally between them when both are on the floor on the same side. My first experience of doing the lesson: exhilarating to find my pelvis becoming lighter and whole skeleton more and more on line with the spiral coming up into the crown of my head.
    All this focus on spiral of support and listening to support from the ground, spreading the work around the skeleton is thanks to my study with **Jeff Haller**, PhD., and **IOPS** advanced training.– angela.sparklehouse Aug 25, 2016
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