Lesson Outline

  1. Lie face down, legs spread a bit, stand hands near shoulders, elbows in the air.
    • Eyes closed, look upwards (towards forehead).
    • Lift head a bit (easy movements) and look down (to the floor). Then alternate – lift head and look down, lower head and look up.
    • Place forehead on floor and look up and down – quick movements.
    • Lift head a bit and do the same.
  2. Lie face down, legs spread, pull right knee in direction of stomach (out to the side), hands by shoulders, elbows in the air.
    • Extend right leg and bring it back (sliding knee on floor).
    • Continue extending right leg and when you bring it back lift and turn the head and look at right knee. Easy, slow.
  3. Do the same on the other side (bend left leg and bring left knee close to stomach).
    • Extend and bend left leg, lift and turn head when knee bends and look at the knee.
    • Hold knee bend and head turned to the left knee (with eyes closed) – move eyes right and left.
  4. Lie face down, legs straight, arms behind back (on the lower back), hold wrists – or if you can, hold with right hand left elbow, left hand right elbow.
    • Lift the right leg a bit from floor (the entire leg) – easy movements.
    • Turn the head to the left and look over the left shoulder at the right heel – body rolls to the right a bit, left leg may bend in the knee.
    • Stay looking at the right heel and turn eyes to the right and to the left.
  5. Lie face down, lift left leg and look over right shoulder to the left heel (bend right knee if you need).
    • Stay looking to the left heel and turn eyes to the right and to the left.
    • Stay face down, bring hands close to shoulders, elbows in the air. Lift head and look down, lower head and look up.
    • Lift head, stay there and move eyes up and down quickly.
    • Head on floor (forehead) and move eyes right and left, quickly.
    • ONLY IN THINKING: lift both legs from the floor.
    • Go on thinking that you lift legs from the floor and do lift the head from the floor with eyes going up.
  6. On the back, bend knees, stand feet, interlace fingers and place behind head.
    • Lift head with the help of the hands.
    • Lift head and direct right elbow to left knee, then left elbow to right knee.
    • IN THINKING: direct both elbows to both knees.
    • Take hold with right hand right knee and with left hand left knee (from outside), push knees so feet come closer to the floor – alternate right, left.
  7. Lie face down, both arms/hands behind lower back (as before).
    • Lift head and look to the left side to see the right heel and then to the right side to see the left heel, body rolls a bit. Help with the legs, allow the knees to bend.
  8. Lie face down, hands stand close to the shoulders, elbows in the air. ONLY THINKING: lift both knees.
    • Lift head and turn it right and left – looking at the heels (allow elbows to move).
    • Legs straight, lift head and look left and right – seeing heels. Direct the movement with the eyes.
    • Lift head, move eyes down when head lifts and move them up when head goes down. Quickly.
  9. Lie face down, hands by shoulders, elbows in the air, turn head left – right ear on floor.
    • Lift the head from the floor, stay there – move chin to the left shoulder and the back of the head to the right shoulder (kind of pecking movement).
  10. Same on the other side (head looks right).
    • Bend knees, feet in the air, turn head once left and once right try to see the heels.
    • Lift head in the middle, stay there, look up and down.
    • Turn head left and move eyes to the right and vice versa, let the body roll easily.
  11. Stand up and walk.

Focus of the teaching

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