Lesson Outline

N.B. In steps 1 and 2, the supporting hand is on the feet side, the raised arm is extended long. From step 3 onwards, the hands are positioned as in “Dead Bird”.

  1. Side sitting, feet to R, lean on RIGHT hand behind, L hand extended in front, shoulder height. Looking at hand, turn everything to L and return. Eyes head and hand as if connected, without power. Turn further?
    1. Other side ditto

    Supine rest

  2. Side sitting, feet to R, extend  L hand out to L,  shoulder height. Turn head to L to look at hand. Eyes alone slide further L than hand.
    1. Turn with head, eyes and hand together.
    2. (and 2c) Other side ditto

    Supine rest

  3. Side sitting, feet to the R, lean on LEFT hand as far behind as is comfortable.
    1. Turn shoulders and trunk to L. R hand in front of eyes, elbow bent.
    2. R hand moves to L, eyes on hand. Turn shoulders and chest. R shoulder moves forward.
  4. Other side.
  5. As 3. Establish a position turned to the left. Slide eyes further L and return to hand. Do this 10 to 15 times.
    1. Turn everything together from front to L. Improvement?
    2. Turn to a new place (ed. further?) Use your eyes. “Since moving your eyes worked so well, do it again.”
    3. Repeat 5a.
    4. (and 5e). Do other side. (ed. suggestion, 5d. transcript should read: take left hand to the right.)
  6. Side sitting, feet to R, lean on L hand behind. Extend R hand as before, (as in 1.?). Turn head and arm to R.
    1. Change hands, not legs.  L hand on L side of temple. Push head to R, bending spine to R, shortening R ribs, lengthening L ribs.
    2. Repeat 6.
  7. Other side ditto.
  8. Side sitting, feet to R.  Both hands on floor behind on the L, as far back as comfortable. Lift head, look forward. Turn head to L and stay there. Move only eyes L and back. Attend to where hands are located.
    1. Return to sitting forward. Turn to the L, place hands on floor. Turning further? Stay.
    2. Head in middle between arms, turn head and eyes L together. R shoulder helps.
    3. Turn head further to L.  Stay. Move only eyes further L.
    4. Return to sitting forward. Turn to the L, place hands on floor. Turning further?
  9. Other side ditto
    1. With feet to L, Touch both hands to floor behind to R x5, then behind to L x5. “Turn with head and eyes also. Touch wherever they touch. It doesn’t matter.”
    2. Other side ditto. “Listen to why you are moving differently on one side from the other.” (ed. suggestion, compare the way you turn in either direction.)

    Supine rest and scan.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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(note from Alfons: the first couple of movements do not match the original AY41, since I could not understand the lesson/concept/instructions. Should re-record it sometime, or maybe you want to give it a go?)

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