• Flexion with emphasis on right side and breathing.

Lesson Outline

Lie on your back. Interlace fingers and bring them behind the head. Stand your feet.
1. Direct the R elbow and R knee toward each other and away
2. Direct the R elbow and L knee toward each other and away
3. Lift the head and knee. Keep them up.
a. Move R elbow and L knee toward and away using very tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny oscillatory movements.
b. Keep doing that, but make it fast
4. Repeat step 3 with R elbow and R knee.
5. Repeat step 3 staying with the R elbow, but once with the R knee and once with the L knee
6. Stop. Rest. Lie on your back, hands down.
7. Put your hands on your tummy between the pubis and navel.
a. Notice your breathing.
b. Breath in by heaving your chest. Lift your chest and the clavicles toward the head and take a breath in. Keep on doing that.
c. Squeeze the chest down to the floor and push the lower abdomen forward. Keep on doing that.
d. Make the movements fast and small. Breathe normally. Don’t change the breathing. Let the breathing continue with the same rhythm and these movements will only add a little air or subtract a little air from the normal breathing.
e. Bend your knees and keep doing the movement.
8. Roll to your side and get up onto your feet. Walk around. Notice the difference between L & R.

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