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Lesson Outline

Here a video of Alfons Grabher doing the lesson

Main position: all 4s, cheek on the floor, palms on both sides of the head

  1. Right cheek on the floor. Bend the lower back.
  2. As before, turn the head, eyes to the ceiling, lifting L shoulder, shifting weight to the R knee
  3. Same position: R cheek on the floor, R arm extended to the L, R shoulder on the floor, eyes aim at the ceiling. Then, close R eye and make the movements with the L eye only. Now close the L eye and do the movements with the R eye only. Then both opened and pay attention to the rotation of the upper and lower back.
  4. R cheek on the floor: make circular movements with the R side of the face. Like the Clock lesson, in both directions.
  5.  Do steps 1-4 with the Left cheek on the floor.
  1. Now, continue with the L cheek on the floor, L arm to the R, R arm straight on the L arm, lift R arm to the ceiling, the eyes follow the movement. Make a fist on the R hand and rotate the arm on its axis in both directions.
  2. Do the last movement with the Right cheek on the floor, raising L arm.
  3. Left cheek on the floor: Both hands to the R, lift R hand to the ceiling, and make circles, increasing the diameter of the circle.
  4. Change the direction
  5. Repeat 13 and 14 with the Right cheek on the floor

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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Cheek on the floor:


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