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Lesson Outline

  1. Lie face up, legs and arms long. Scan. Move big toe up and down (bend towards top of foot, towards bottom of foot) 10 times. Then 5 times up. Then 5 times down.
  2. Interlace hands behind head; lift head.
  3. Lengthen L arm out to the side, and roll onto L side. Bend knees towards stomach and arrange lower legs to be in the same direction as the spine. Lift R hand towards the ceiling and back, following the hand with the eyes (the eyes glued to the palm).
  4. Continue until the R knee starts to lift. Keep going until the R arm can be extended back behind you on the floor, your head turned to look. Then push the R knee forwards (R leg stays resting on L) until the arm begins to lift/head turn. On the return, push the R knee out further, to pass the L knee, and feel that lift the shoulder/arm.
  5. Other (R) side.
  6. L side: turn face to ceiling, reach around top of head to take hold of L temple with R arm. Slide head R, R ear to R shoulder. (Many times slowly and then you’ll feel the whole spine take part.)
  7. Other side.
  8. L side: slide head R ear to R shoulder while pushing R knee forward. Take time so this becomes one movement in the spine. Chest goes backwards while hip pushes forwards.
  9. Other side.
  10. L side: interlace hands behind head. Lift head. Notice R knee moving. Then do it while pushing R knee forward.
  11. Other side.
  12. Face up, interlace hands behind head, take knees to elbow and elbows to knees. Breathe out. Take towards and apart, but it’s not about the movement; it’s about breathing out.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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Flexing the big toe:



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