AY170 Lifting the head diagonally

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 4 Reel 12, Track 3, Lesson 2 Synopsis The lesson has two apparent parts. The first part uses the process of raising one hip and bringing the opposite ear towards it (hence rounding in certain parts of the back, and folding in the chest). The second part uses a process of […]

AY447 Opposition on the side

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 9 Reel 29, Track 2, Lesson 1 Synopsis Lying on side, knees bent back and thighs in continuation of spine, top arm lying behind so hand touches the floor. Take shoulder/back backwards, forwards. Mostly working with small, fast movements. Face turned towards ceiling: lift head with that same hand. Variations of […]

Amherst 1 – Week 4 – 07/02/80 Rolling the Fists (#1)

Source Amherst Year 1 Duration of the recording: 50 min. Synopsis Face up, legs long and then standing, arms out to the side and hands in loose fists. Roll arms down, up. Lift pelvis and roll arms. Slow development of lifting the pelvis, including exploring each diagonal in rolling the pelvis. Lift head and roll […]

AY308 Skewering the spine in the chest

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 7 #308 Reel 21, Track 2, Lesson 4 Duration: 39 minutes Synopsis 1-3 sentences. Lesson Outline Face up, stand feet. Roll pelvis to increase arch in back. Same, roll pelvis to take belt towards floor. Alternate: roll up and down. Accent on upwards movement. Interlace fingers behind head; lift head. Same […]