• Alexander Yanai Vol 5 AY211
  • Reel 15, Track 1, Lesson 1 (according to Eva Laser
  • Reel 14, Track 4, Lesson 4 (According to the german edition this source from the IFF edition is not identical with the hebrew CD edition.)


This lesson works with extending the leg behind while sitting very upright over the pelvis.

Lesson Outline

  1. Sit with legs long and spread. Place R hand on floor to R, and lift L hand at shoulder height. Turn hand to R, follow with head etc., until you lift your L buttock. L leg bends at knee.
  2. Other side.
  3. Sit with legs long and spread. Lean on L hand; take hold of arch of R foot with R hand. Take R leg L and R. Gradually with the R leg more and more straight.
  4. Other side.
  5. Lying face up, lift legs and take each foot by the arch from between the legs (R hand R foot, L hand L foot)–legs as straight as possible. Open and close the legs.
  6. Sit with legs long and spread. Place R hand between legs; lift L hand at shoulder height. Turn L, following with eyes and everything until R buttock lifts. Push floor with R hand. Head gets taller; L arm lifts above shoulder height. R leg bends at knee.
  7. Other side.
  8. From side to side, continuous movement.
  9. Sit with legs long and spread. L hand behind on floor; R hand on same side, shoulder width apart. Lean on arms. Open and close R leg, taking heel backward, extending leg, until it is possible for the front of the leg (knee, toenails) to rest on the floor. Bending body forward, R shoulder forward more than L: these elements may help.
  10. Other side.
  11. Repeat with refinements: leg lengthens behind exactly in a line from the middle between the two hands on the floor; heel lifts and leg turns in the thigh, so that the knee rests and the front of the foot, ankle, and shin really lie on the floor. So that it can be a fast and easy turning of the heel. Other side.
  12. Sit with legs long and spread. Place R hand between legs; lift L hand at shoulder height. Take arm back [L] as before, and at the same take R leg backwards–so arm and leg extend in a line, forward and backward.
  13. Other side.
  14. Alternate one side and other.
  15. Sit with legs long and spread, both hands to the L on floor. Take R leg backward and extend, until front of foot and toenails are on floor. Then lift head up and backwards and at the same time bend your knee and lift foot and lower leg from the floor. Add to it that you lift your R arm at the same time. Other side.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Lengthen whole back, strong arch, while shifting weight in buttocks and lifting the one not bearing weight; head lifts high.

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I find this lesson reminding us how important alternations are, how one side ‘learns’ from the other…
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