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Lesson Outline

Position split right(in this lesson): From sitting, turn to the right, right leg spatially viewed to the right, viewed from the body to the front, left leg to the left and back, the right side of the pelvis is on the floor, the upper body is supported by the right elbow or the right hand.

  1. Split right, right elbow supporting, left arm above head, fingers on right temple – pull head and arm to the left
  2. Analogue on the other side, split left
  3. Split right, support with the right elbow, bring left arm up in the extension of the shoulder line, looking towards the hand. – arm and eyes go forward and back together
    1. Make movement small and fast
    2. Support with the right hand, hold the left hand over the right leg – move the left arm and right leg together to the left and to the right
    3. Move arm and leg in opposite directions
  4. Split left, analogous to 3., head and arm move together
    1. Make movement small and fast
    2. Move arm and head in opposite directions
  5. Split left, analogue 3b., move arm and leg together
    1. Move arm and leg in opposite directions
  6. Split right, supporting with right elbow or right hand, left hand grasping right ankle. Lower the head to the right knee, at the same time stretch the left leg back – then bring head and leg back.
    1. Lean on the right hand, place the left hand on the right knee: extend the left leg backwards, head and eyes following the left foot
    2. and c.: Split left analogue
  7. Split right, legs as far apart as possible, supported on right elbow, left hand on right temple, tilt sideways – compare with the movement at the beginning in 1.
    1. Continuation, but the right hand supports
    2. Continuation,
      • while leaning sideways move the feet away from each other, while straightening up bring the feet slightly together again.
      • Continuation, with the movement gradually bring the right hand closer to the body and place the left hand between the legs so that you can come up onto the left knee.
      • Then turn the body to the other side so that you come to the splits on the left, at the same time the arms must switch
    3. Legs remain spread, with both hands supporting, take alternate splits left and right
  8. Split right, hips on the floor, both hands grasping the right ankle. Place the hands in the centre on the floor, lift the pelvis, turn the body and grasp the left ankle with both hands – and back again.
    1. Continue – when the hands grasp the right ankle, move the foot 1cm further to the right.
    2. Analogue on the left side
  9. Come to stand, walk

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