• Moshe has been talking about note-taking, and about love and violence–being forceful and being gentle. He takes the first few steps into a lesson in rocking on the diagonal (face down, lift leg on the side towards which the face is turned, and lift the opposite arm: with both lifted, rock on the diagonal, shifting weight towards hip and towards opposite shoulder.

Lesson Outline

  • Lie face down, arms extended comfortably overhead. Notice which side you’ve chosen to turn your face.
  • Think of lifting & lengthening the leg on that side.
  • Think of lengthening & lifting the opposite arm.
  • Experiment with lifting the arm–the leg lightens. Lift arm and leg–the arm lifts more easily.
  • Lift both and rock on this “bow” or “arc” you’ve created, shifting weight from hip to opposite shoulder and back.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Everyone would choose to put the head down on one side or the other (on the side that lets your armpits settle closer to the floor): if you put your forehead on the floor this is because you’re thinking you should do this, or you have some problem that prevents you putting your head on one side.
  • Reinforcing the idea of taking notes afterwards, away from the learning situation. (Those people who can’t follow his instructions about which leg and which arm? Probably the people who take notes…)

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