Razumny – Four Cardinal Points

 Source Diana Razumny’s Online ATMs Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline 4 Points #1 On back scan proportions, lengths, relationships, pressure, Stand, hands on floor, head hangs Note relation hands/feet Lift R hand – from shldr/elbow?, weight shift Lift L hand – Stand/walk Both hands same time – walk Lift L foot – […]

AY432 Four points – introduction

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 9, Lesson 432 Reel 28, Track 1, Lesson 4 Duration of the recording: 40 minutes Synopsis Lesson Outline Rest. On hands and feet: Lift R hand. L hand. Both. R foot. Lift L foot; alternate L and R foot. Both hands. Both feet. Hop, lifting both hands and both feet! R […]

AY016 Four points

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 1, Lesson 16 Reel 2, Track 2, Lesson 1, Side ? Duration 36 min. Synopsis In this variant of the Four Cardinal Points lessons, you come to sitting and return back to four points with the “threading” leg staying long. Lesson Outline Stand on both hands and both feet. Lift R […]

AY321 Four points

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 7, Lesson #321 Reel 22, Track 2, Lesson 1 Duration of the recording: 38 minutes Synopsis This “four cardinal points” lesson includes passing the foot through the hole, and rolling to sit through a different trajectory. Lesson Outline On hands and feet. Lift R hand, then L hand. Alternate. Lift R […]