• Write a couple of sentences.

Lesson Outline

4 Points #1

  • On back scan proportions, lengths, relationships, pressure,
  • Stand, hands on floor, head hangs
    • Note relation hands/feet
    • Lift R hand – from shldr/elbow?, weight shift
    • Lift L hand – Stand/walk
    • Both hands same time – walk
    • Lift L foot – note weight shift
    • Lift R foot
    • Both feet same time – note hand position
    • Walk, ROB
  • 4 pts – shift weight
      • Alt R/L hands lifting
      • Alt R/L foot lifting
    • Walk
  • 4 pts
    • Lift R hand/L foot – walk note diag hand/foot
    • Rpt other diagonal – walk
    • Alt lifting diagonals – ROB
  • 4 pts
    • Lift R hand/foot – head hangs
    • Same time? Hand bfr/foot bfr
    • Walk – Rpt OS – Walk
    • Lift both hands/feet
    • Hopping, everything leaves floor
    • Rpt, hop to side, other side, for/back – walk
  • Stand, bring hands to floor w/idea to hop, note placement
  • ROB – note proportions, lengths, relationships, pressure, contact

4 Points #2

  • Stand, hands on floor, review last lesson, variations remembered
  • ROB – note lengths of arms, legs, spine
  • 4 points
    • R hand/foot – step for/back
    • Rpt OS
    • Alt R/L sides for/back w/hand/foot.
    • Stand/Walk
  • 4 points
    • R hand/L foot forward/back
    • L hand/R foot forward/back
    • Note timing, weight shift, hand/foot, contact/release
    • Walk – note hands/feet, shldr/hip, arms/legs, elbows/knees
    • ROB
  • 4 points
    • Note gap/space between L hand/foot
    • Direct R knee into space btwn L hand/foot
    • R foot contacts back of L heel as R knee goes thru gap
    • Lower R pelvis to floor, sit facing to L wall, rvrs to 4 pts
    • 2 hands & L foot on floor, R foot lifts, R knee thru gap
    • Go btwn sitting & 4 pts – track pelvis in space – up/dwn arc
    • Head/pelvis up/down in opposition
    • Bend R knee, foot lifts, direct knee thru gap, lower to sit
    • Make all in 1 movement – down/up – head/pelvis up/down
    • Rpt w/o one of hands. ROB Imagine OS, rpt few moves
  • 4 points – Alt side/side, knee thru gap to sit. Walk
    • Rpt w/little hop, make clear distinctions in orientation. ROB
    • Start/end in standing, go thru 4 pts to sit, rvrs,
    • w/o sense of sitting but immediate rtrn to standing
    • Rpt OS, ROB
    • Rpt, alt side/side, stand in mid ea time, dwn/up one side
    • Slow, clear, note up/down of pelvis/head.
    • Stand, note head, walk

4 Points #3

  • Stand on hands/feet, lift hands/feet different combos.
  • Take R knee through gap of L hand/foot, lowering pelvis to floor.
  • Send straight R leg through gap, reverse. Rpt OS.
  • Take R knee through, roll onto back, return to sit and 4 pts.
  • Let feet/legs, arms all go overhead, swing up to sit/stand.
  • Rpt w/straight R leg

4 point #4

  • Stand on hands/feet, variations of lifting hand/feet.
  • Take knee through to one side, other, add hop in middle, alt.
  • Cont. stay low, head in middle, quick.
  • Rtrn to sitting to side, remove hands, roll onto back, swing back up, feet/legs in same configuration.
  • Next variation, sit and straighten leg nearest hands, roll back onto back, return to sitting, legs in same configuration, one straight, one foot standing.
  • Pause in position, put weight onto hands, lift pelvis, slide straight leg up to standing on 4 pts, rvrse, go back down to sit, roll onto back, rtrn to 4 pts.
  • Rpt OS, Alt side/side.
  • Rtrn to simple bent knee through gap, rolling onto back, hop, switch sides. Stay low, flip legs side/side.
  • Rtrn to simple lifting of feet/hands in diff combos. Walk around on all 4’s

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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