Transcript: Awareness Through Movement Workshop by Moshe Feldenkrais, Toronto, Canada, October 4-8, 1980.

Transcribed by Lila Hurwitz, edited ·by Elaine Yoder. Feldenkrais Resources, 2002.

[12 AUDIO CASSETTE SET 1986, out of print]


Day 1 / October 4

  1. Lecture: Learning and the ability to choose
  2. On back, rolling the head with the hands, part 1
  3. Rolling the arms
  4. Head through the gate, then circling the lower arm


Day 2 / October 5

  1. On back, head through the gate and hand under heel, part 1
  2. Lecture: Koizumi
  3. Head through the gate, hand under the heel, part 2
  4. Head through the gate, hand under the heel, part 3
  5. Turning to sit from standing


Day 3 / October 6

  1. Head through the gate, part 4
  2. Head through the gate, see-saw breathing
  3. Rolling the head with the hands, part 2


Day 4 / October 7

  1. Rocking the pelvis
  2. Pelvic clock
    • Lecture: (embedded) On intelligence and the history of human beings, language, lying
  3. Pelvic clock, part 2
  4. Pelvic clock, sitting and rolling the head


Day 5 / October 8

  1. Sitting between the heels
  2. Sitting on the feet, rolling and headstand
    • Lecture: (embedded) The healthiest of the lot
    • Lecture: (embedded) On aggression and violence
  3. Baby rolls
  4. Prone, head through the gate, rolling to sit



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