Authors: Mia Segal and Gaby Yaron (student notes)

  • Titles as supplied in R. Ehrman edition. Titles in square brackets are mine and probably don’t belong here šŸ˜‰ – LynetteReid Jan 1, 2011
  • This is an excellent resource for beginning teachers (and beginning students): clear, fundamental, accessible lessons; two well-constructed series. – LynetteReid Jan 2, 2011


  1. Lifting the head on the back [Flexors]
  2. Lifting head on back and stomach: basic flexion and extension [Extensors]
  3. On side, turning with straight arm in arc [Side-lying, lift hand to back]
  4. Classic coordination of flexor and extensor muscles, tilting crossed legs to side with arm in triangle [Coordinating flexors and extensors]
  5. Prone, lifting the head and arm in various combinations with one knee up to the side [From extensors to turning hip by turning lower leg]
  6. Tilting legs on front side to come to sit [From tilting legs on belly to sitting]
  7. On side – sliding arms and legs to improve ability to lift head on side [Sidelying: sliding hands and knees]
  8. Simple pelvic clock
  9. Differentiating movements of leg to roll forward and backward [Sidelying: stomach to back by turning the heel]
  10. Shoulder and hip circles on side
  11. On back lifting hip to lengthen opposite arm. Classic [Lift hip to lengthen arm overhead]
  12. Tilting on knee on back – connecting to arms above head [Drop knee between legs]
  13. Side bending on back and stomach
  14. Diagonal extension of arms and legs on back and stomach [Lengthening on diagonals]


  1. Coordinating flexors and extensors
  2. Sliding arm and leg on side, rotating trunk [Side-lying: sliding hands and knees, and lift hand to back]
  3. Tilting legs in and out on back
  4. Sliding hand down legs in various ways on back [Stroking legs]
  5. Rounding and arching back in sitting [Side-sitting: rounding and arching to extending leg behind]
  6. Learning to move the head and neck from the center in side sitting [Dropping and raising head in many orientations]
  7. Lifting head with arm on belly with various positions of the legs [Extensors, with pushing from feet]
  8. Shoulder circles
  9. Tilting legs lying on belly
  10. Clarifying movements of legs and pelvis in relation to shoulders on side [Side-lying, shoulder and hip circles: using the heel on the floor]
  11. Improving flexion in back, bring knees and elbows together [Rolling through the median plane]
  12. Tilting legs on back and lengthening arms above head [On belly, tilting legs: variations]

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