Lesson Outline

  1. Lie on the stomach. Head oriented on left ear, facing right throughout the entire lesson.
    • R hand next to head, l hand long on back of hand
    • Roll pelvis R and L, notice difference. Increase speed.
    • Change arms out (L hand next to head, R long.)
    • Increase speed.
  2. L hand on R ear, R hand long on back of hand – continue: roll pelvis. Roll pelvis: notice movement throughout spine
    • R hand on R ear: roll pelvis, L hand long on back of hand.
    • Increase speed.
    • Come to stand; notice differences, turn R and L.
  3. Same orientation: face R, L hand next to head, R hand long.
    • Roll pelvis – add in R knee bending to the side. Continue pelvic moves.
    • Change arms: R hand next to head, L hand long. Continue pelvic moves.
    • How is it different with arm change?
    • Now: bend R knee higher: stay there; lift head a bit: think of the crown of the head.
    • Begin to make clock circles with head; change direction.
    • Change over arms: L hand next to head, R hand long. lift head.
    • Head circles with knee bend.
    • R hand on top of head; circle one way; other way; increase.
    • Legs long: check movement.
  4. R hand next to head; L arm long. Roll pelvis right.
    • Bend L knee; roll pelvis, small moves
    • R hand on R ear, cont to roll pelvis r
    • Add in bending L knee
  5. Alternate bending R knee/ L Knee – small.
    • Pelvis R/L with legs
    • Increase speed, think faster.
  6. Have both legs long, press abdomen into floor
    • Then draw it in
    • Alt between coccyx and beltline – press, release
    • Bend R knee a bit, cont movement w/abdomen
  7. Both hands on head, interlace.
    • Roll pelvis R/L. Feet long
    • Alternate – bend one leg, the other.
  8. Both hands: interlace on R ear.
    • Heels inward: toes outside
    • Alt lifting abdomen; prssing out.
    • Extend feet; Cont taking stomach in-out
    • Faster
  9. Both hands on head: roll pelvis R/L.
    • Alt bend knees R/L
    • Bend both knees
    • Abdomen in/out
    • Lean on both hands either side of head
    • Lift head, head circles
    • Pull abdomen in
    • Turn head RL
    • Hands on either side of head, roll quick – fast
  10. Stand up, walk.

Focus of the teaching

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