AY277 Elbows in crooks

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 6 Reel 19, Track 3, Lesson 2 Synopsis Sitting cross-legged, you rest one arm in the crook of the other and slide it in and out (“sawing” or “bowing” a violin), eventually ending by joining hands of the crossed arms behind the neck. In this version, you explore how the rotation […]

AY476 Lengthening heels and arms

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 10 #476 Reel 31, Track 1, Lesson 1 Duration of the recording: 39 min. Synopsis Side-lying, with your legs in scissors and arms in various positions in front, overhead, and behind you, you lengthen arms and heels, with refinements of the chin and chest. Lesson Outline Fast version (600% speed) lesson […]

AY447 Opposition on the side

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 9 Reel 29, Track 2, Lesson 1 Synopsis Lying on side, knees bent back and thighs in continuation of spine, top arm lying behind so hand touches the floor. Take shoulder/back backwards, forwards. Mostly working with small, fast movements. Face turned towards ceiling: lift head with that same hand. Variations of […]

AY165 The eyeball lesson

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 4 Reel 12, Track 2, Lesson 1 Synopsis In this lesson, we explore the eye as a physical shape and space. We use the (historically-derived) image of a thin instrument, like a section of clock spring, that can slide in and around the eyeball to the back. Lesson Outline Sitting cross-legged […]

AY528 Advancing on all fours

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 11 Reel 34, Track 3, Lesson 2 Duration of the recording: 40 min. Synopsis This lesson on hands and knees, face down, and in kneeling develops the ability to kneel, hands free from the floor, and cross one leg in front of the other. It includes threading one leg through the […]

AY527 Extending arms and knees

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 11 Reel 34, Track 3, Lesson 1 Duration of the recording: 38 min. Synopsis An “advanced twist” lesson, in which you lie on the side with the bottom leg extended long and the top leg bent at straight angles on the floor in front, and come to rest both shoulder blades […]

AY535 Lifting the elbows – interlacing

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 11 Reel 35, Track 1, Lesson 1 Duration of the recording: 36 minutes Synopsis Lying on the back and on the side, with hands interlaced on the stomach (or behind the back), you work towards being able to bend the wrists backwards to join the elbows in front of the body. […]

AY023 Palate mouth, and teeth

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 1 Reel 1, Track 3, Lesson 5 Duration 38 min. Synopsis Exploring the internal space of the palate and teeth with the tongue and imagination. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of Moshe’s Teaching Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching Resources Audio […]

AY304 The foot and its movements in space

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 7 #304 Reel 21, Track 1, Lesson 4 Duration 45 minutes Synopsis Lying face down, with knees bent to ceiling, you explore the ability to maintain the foot flat in relation to the ceiling while turning heels and toes in and out. To clarify this, you draw circles and quarter circles […]

AY495 Arm around in lying

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 10 Reel 32, Track 3, Lesson 1 Duration of the recording: 37 min. Synopsis Lying on your side, making circles with the arm that is on the floor – the ribs and hips flex to allow the elbow/arm to slide under. Significant emphasis on knees being in line with the spine, […]