• A flexor lesson with variations of having hands under or behind the knees (in the crease), hands crossed, face turned, legs together with a forearm under the legs, and using both hands to hold the arch of the foot and the knee of one leg. The direction is towards taking the knees between the elbows to the forehead, or elbows between the knees.
  • Supine, bring elbow towards knee in various configurations. Lengthens back musculature..

Lesson Outline

  1. Translator’s note: Start of this lesson is missing
  2. Lying supine, feet standing, interlaced hands under head. Lift head / right knee. Direct R knee to R elbow.  Direct R knee to L elbow.  Then R knee to alternating elbows.
  3. Change the interlacing. Repeat step 2 using L knee.
  4. Right hand under head, left hand to right knee(cap). Approach head and right knee. Direct knee to forehead.
    • 4a. Swap over the hands, same (right) knee. Approach head and right knee. Direct knee to forehead
  5.  Left hand under head, right hand to left knee(cap). Approach head and left knee. Direct knee to forehead
    • 5a. swap over the hands, same (left) knee, approach head and left knee
  6. Hold both knees, separated, approach head and knees
  7. Interlace hands under head, lift head and knees towards forehead
  8. Right hand between legs and behind left knee, face right, left hand behind head. Approach left knee to left ear
  9. Mirror action: Left hand to right knee crease, face turned left, right hand behind head, lift right knee to right ear
  10. Cross the arms and hold the opposite knee crease. Lift knees and head
    • 10a. Reverse the crossing of the arms
  11. Hold behind both knees with right arm, turn face right, left hand behind head. Approach left ear to knees
    • 11a. Mirror: Change over to the other side
  12. Both hands behind knees, approach forehead and knees
  13. Hold right foot arch with right hand, right kneecap with left hand. Approach knee and head
    • 13a. Right hand behind head, continue the action
    • 13b. Left hand behind head, right hand on right foot arch, continue the action
  14. Mirror: action on the other side. Hold left foot arch with left hand, left kneecap with right hand
    • Approach knee and head
    • Right hand behind head, continue the action
    • Left hand behind head, right hand on right foot arch, continue the action
    • Interlace hands behind head, approach elbow and opposite knee, alternate
    • Approach both elbows and both knees
    • Approach knees to forehead

Stand, walk

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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