• Lying on your side, arms straight in front of you, bring your top hand to the ceiling and then behind you.
  • Follow the hand with head+eyes, be aware of opposing leg

Lesson Outline

1. Scan lying on your back.
2. Lie on your right side, extend both arms in front of you (elbows straight), palms on top of each other, right leg straight, and the left knee in front of the right on the floor.

  • Keeping your left arm straight, lift it to the ceiling and then behind you. Notice where it goes easily. Follow the hand with your eyes.
  • Allow left knee to raise as left hand goes to the floor behind you.
  • Teeter totter your left arm and left knee, i.e. left knee to the floor raises the left arm and bringing the arm to the floor raises the knee
  • With arm on the floor behind you, do seesaw breathing.

3. Repeat on the left side.
4. Lie on your right side with your right leg straight, your left knee in front of the right and on the floor, your face to the ceiling, and your left hand (palm) on the forehead.

  • Turn your head to the left and return. Eyes follow after the elbow.
  • Turn your head to the left and stay there.
    • Lift the knee until the elbow touches the floor. Teeter totter elbow and knee.
    • With elbow on the floor, do seesaw breathing.
    • With knee on the floor, do seesaw breathing.

5. Repeat on left side.
6. Lie on your back, arms to the side at shoulder height and palms to the ceiling

  • Lift right leg to the ceiling. Lower and raise right leg to the left in the direction of the floor.
  • Put right leg on floor to the left.
    • Do seesaw breathing.
    • Right hand hold left temple. Face to the ceiling. Elbow close to the floor. Pull the head and torso to the right. Do seesaw breathing.

7. Repeat on other side.
8. On stomach, bend knees. Join the knees together. Move the feet away from each other. Move the pelvis to bring the feet to the floor, first on the left and then on the right.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Feel connection between sinking of the arm and lifting the knee
  • Twisted, be able to side-bending of the head/neck instead of turning the head

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  • I remember the first time I did this ATM. The seesaw breathing made a huge difference in the range of my movement – yedwab Feb 2, 2011

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