Lying on your stomach and back with your arms above your head, raise your arms and legs in various combinations.

Lesson Outline

The key movements are:

  1. On your back, raise you right upper arm using your shoulder
  2. On your stomach, raise your elbow then raise your whole arm.
  3. On your back, raise your right leg and your right arm. First, at the same time and then alternately.
  4. On your stomach, raise your right leg and your right arm.
  5. On your stomach, raise your right leg, your right arm, and your head.
  6. Repeat all of the above on the left side.
  7. Diagonal: On your back, raise your right arm and left leg. Then left arm and right leg.
  8. On your back, raise all four limbs

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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  • As one lifts each limb, one needs to find the support of the ground under the torso. The need for the ground support becomes even more apparent as one lifts an arm and leg at the same time, and even more so to lift all four limbs.
  • In my opinion all lessons address the balance btw. the body pattern of anxiety (BPoA ) and the free upright holding (posture – acture). And this lesson is called elementary which is a synonym to essential. It is an introduction lesson to the concept of five essential lines being the simples image of the image of action.It is a lesson with instruction concerning the distal, that is hand/feet but indirectly concern the very proximal. A fundamental approach in many ATM’s is the clarification about the relationship btw. pelvis&ribcage. The & is then the waist which is a 3D concept. The lesson is elementary as it address folding& erection or bending&uprising. Keeping in mind that we always look at the lying as standing this is the lesson about handling gravity. I mean if you are standing up you are bending to the ground or return.In my experience many students are very alienated to the role of the abdominal mm as antagonist to the anti gravity mm. I usually need to point out that it is about making the distance btw ribs& pelvis changing (shorter/longer)and that both the arm and legs are lifted by the pull of the abdominal mm (in supine). Those are always inhibited or if you like with a lower control, when there is a state of superfluous tension in the erector mm. Many people need to be reminded to involve the ribs in a depressive way and lover the cage in order that the extremities should lift effortless When prone it is an integrative part of what has been achieved.It is also a lesson about how to learn to learn again.

These are the general instruction to the lesson(see the sub lines).

  1. Discover the concealed action of your muscles.
  2. Every movement – new action
  3. Correlating the movement and the breathing
  4. A quiet and progressive movement
  5. Reduce superfluous effort
  6. Participation of the back muscles
  7. Sensing the lengthening of the spine
  8. Parasitic efforts shortens the trunk

– Eva Laser Jun 25, 2012
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