• Alexander Yanai Vol 1
  • Reel 3, Track 3, Lesson 4 (according to Eva Laser
  • Reel 3, Track 3, Lesson 4, Side A (IFF)


A lesson in which you slide your hands along your legs to eventually hold your feet. This variation includes holding the knee and taking the foot/lower leg in circles, and holding the arch with both hands and making circles. The reference movement is holding both feet and lifting them towards the ceiling, with knees outside/inside elbows.

Lesson Outline

  1. Face up, knees bent, feet standing. Lift both legs over chest. Hold inside both arches both hands (R arch R hand, L arch L hand): Lift legs to ceiling. Outside arches both hands: lift. Outside arches and knees on inside: lift.
  2. R leg over chest, L foot standing: stroke outside R leg with R hand, from hip to knee and beyond. Then while lifting head with L hand.
  3. Slide L hand along same places R hand just touched, while lifting head with R hand.
  4. Slide R hand on inside R leg. Then while lifting head with L hand.
  5. Slide both hands down back R leg.
  6. Raise R ft to ceiling, R hand holds ankle: slide L hand over R hand and around foot, touching everywhere. Especially heel from all directions.
  7. Hold R ankle with L hand, and touch the same places with your R hand.
  8. R leg lifted but bent at knee. R hand catches arch of R ft from outside. L hand holds below knee. Make circles. Change directions.
  9. Change hands, same thing.
  10. Lift R leg and hold arch in both hands (leg still bent). Make circles with both hands and foot (on vertical plane). Lift head so heel can go lower.
  11. Same but with R leg extended to ceiling, circles on the ceiling.
  12. Walk around.
  13. Other side.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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