• In lying supine (belly facing ceiling) and later lying prone (belly facing floor), lifting the pelvis one hip at a time, shoulders on the floor, to find mobility in the intercostal muscles – the chest.

Lesson Outline

Video of this lesson in fast forward playback:

  1. Lift left hip
  2. Lift right hip
  3. Lift left hip
  4. Lift right hip
  5. Tilt knees left and right
  6. Tilt knees left and right (again)
  7. Lift pelvis
  8. Tilt knees left and right
  9. Lift pelvis
  10. Flexion supine
  11. Lift pelvis, Lift pelvis and tilt knees left and right
  12. Prone lift right knee, rolling over
  13. Prone lift left knee, rolling over
  14. Supine Lift pelvis (reference movement)
  15. Lift pelvis, Lift pelvis and tilt knees left and right, roll onto one side, then the other
  16. Roll more
  17. Roll some more
  • Everybody will get there, provided you go slowly.

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  • no stretching is good stretching

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