This lesson involves sitting with legs spread, and lying on the back. Variations of lifting and circling the long legs frame the lesson (at the end you lift both long legs), and variations in between include lifting head and circling long leg towards ceiling while on back, sitting with long legs and

Lesson Outline

Rests between changes of sides, and sometimes between changes of direction.

  • Sit with long, spread legs. Lift R leg and make 10 or so circles in the air, in each direction. Then left leg.
  • Lying, R hand behind R knee of long leg in air (L foot standing on floor), make circles with leg–whole body rolls. With head lifted by L hand as well. Switching hands. Other direction. Then other side. Clarification: do it bent at the ankle–lengthening the heel.
  • Both legs straight in air, respective hand behind knee: make circles with both at same time. With head lifted, and with head leaning back on floor. (Something on one side interferes with the circle in the opposite direction.) Other direction.
  • Sit with long and spread legs: rest hands on either side of R leg. Lift R leg. Then in the same position, with clarification that you actually lean on hands: pull R hip back (and lift) to shorten R heel (this is how you lift R leg). Other side.
  • Same position, but with L hand between legs and R hand held out at shoulder height: turn to the R with R arm, following with eyes, until L buttock lifts. R hand goes higher. (Clarification: lean on L hand in middle.) Other side, and then side to side.
  • Sit, and lean on hands behind: put legs together and lift both. Fingers in direction of legs. On elbows if necessary. Bend head forwards at same time.
  • Sit with long and spread legs, shorten feet, R hand between legs–but this time not to lean on. Lift left hand a make a fist–look at it, and make as large a circle as possible, with speed. Pay attention particularly to the left upper arc of the circle. Other direction. Other side.
  • Sit with long and spread legs and slide hands forwards: easier than usual? Lift head and look forward at end. Stay there and lift each leg. Alternate.
  • Sit with long and spread legs, and both hands resting on floor between. Lift both legs.Then try to slide hands forwards.
  • Scan lying face up. Walk.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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  • I’m working on this lesson to understand the connections from folding over straightened legs (e.g. 198) to lifting and circling long legs in sitting, to the splits (211), and basic spreading of the legs (212).

Circling the back with the leg:

Lower back and pelvis:


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